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The Chalmette Air Monitoring Project costs thousands of dollars each month to operate. Please donate generously so that we may keep it going!

ExxonMobil’s profits in 2005: $36.1 billion. Contribution to neighborhood air monitoring project: $0.

You can donate to us with your credit or debit card easily and securely!

Become a lifeline member:

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Make a one time donation:

You can mail a check made out to the Louisiana Bucket Brigade to:

1661 Canal Street - Suite 2500, New Olreans, LA 70112

We encourage you to give as much as you can afford. Our annual membership levels are:
Bucket Brigade Member
Pays for fliers to distribute around the neighborhood to encourage the community members and inform them of the latest events.

Family Bucket
Buys the bags into which the air samples are drawn.

Bucket – eer
Pays for batteries and tapes for the video camera to film smoke and flares at the facilities.
Clean Air Champion
Buys a bucket!
Pollution Buster
Finances a month's transport around the state to go to communities and work with local groups to develop the bucket brigade
Bucket Hero
Pays for the lab analysis for a bucket sample.
Order of the Golden Bucket
Pays for the printing of a report detailing the results of the air samples and exposing the offending facility.
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